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What remains...

Mixed waste (sekajäte)

Waste which remains after separating hazardous waste, biowaste and recyclables.

For example:

  • plastic packages
  • dirty and wet paper and cardboard
  • diapers and sanitary napkins
  • porcelain
  • leather, rubber and textiles
  • vacuum cleaner bags
  • light bulbs
  • cosmetics
  • ash and cigarette stubs

In urban area houses have their own separate refuse bins for dry residual waste. The bins are emptied regularly.

In rural area inhabitants can either have their own separate refuse bins or they can use regional drop-off collection points (aluejätepiste) and pay an annual waste charge.

Mixed waste will be used for energy production in the future.

Landfilled waste (kaatopaikkajäte)

  • construction and demolition waste
  • large objects
  • broken furniture and other scrap

Landfilled waste is received by eco-centres (jäteasema) and waste management sites (jätteenkäsittelykeskus).  There is a charge for landfilled waste.

Broken tyres should be taken to tyre retail shops.

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