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We're thrilled you've joined the 'We will sort this' campaign!

We believe learning to recycle when young bears fruit later in life and that’s why we encourage you to sort your waste starting right now. Small actions can yield great results when done together. We will sort this!

Discover more about the campaign

Where should I put my waste? Check out the sorting instructions!

Sorting can cause headaches for everyone, especially when trying to sort everything correctly. It’s a good idea to check the guidelines from time to time in case of changes. Here you can find sorting cards that show where the most common household waste should be sorted into.

Promise you'll sort

When sorting biowaste you reduce climate emissions and recycle nutrients. Challenge your friend to make the bio promise too. Making the bio promise in September or October 2023, you’ll be eligible to enter a lottery for coffee shop gift cards.

Make a bio promise

Quiz yourself on biowaste

Put your biowaste knowledge and sorting skills to the test. Discover something new with the ‘We will sort this’ game. Don’t be a fossil!


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