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Repe & Romu & Riepu collection round

Repe & Romu & Riepu picks up household waste

Repe & Romu are trucks that collect waste brought to them by households: hazardous waste, scrap metal and electrical equipment, collected free of charge, in the area covered by Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto.

Repe & Romu & Riepu´s schedule

See Repe&Romu’s schedule

Repe picks up

  • paints, glues and varnishes
  • solvents and thinners
  • chemicals labelled as hazardous
  • waste oils (brought in the canister), oil filters
  • batteries
  • fluorescent tubes and energy-saving bulbs

Romu picks up


  • metal objects and household goods
  • food cans
  • sauna stoves, lawn mowers
  • metal pipes and fittings, empty barrels
  • agricultural machinery, machine parts
  • engines (with the oils removed)

Electrical equipment

  • televisions, radios
  • computers
  • refrigerators, freezers
  • stoves, microwave ovens
  • washing machines, vacuum cleaners
  • mobile phones, small electrical appliances
  • LED bulbs