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Vaarallisia jätteitä ovat esimerkiksi maalit ja liuottimet.

Hazardous waste

Sort the following into hazardous waste

  • paints, adhesives, varnishes, solvents, thinners
  • chemicals with hazardous properties
  • waste oils and oil filters
  • batteries
  • fluorescent tubes and energy-saving bulbs

Store hazardous waste in its original packaging.

Where can I take it?

  • to a waste station
  • to a waste centre
  • to a Repe & Romu collection round
  • to a Vartti container

Take medicines and mercury thermometers to a pharmacy.

Batteries and cell phone batteries can also be taken back to the shops that sold them.

Report any explosives and ammunition to the police.

Further details on the reception of companies’ hazardous waste.

How is hazardous waste recycled?

Hazardous waste is sorted, packed and marked at the Varma station in Tarastenjärvi, from where it is transported for safe handling. Some material is recycled and any hazardous substances are processed into a harmless form. The end product is a clean and safe environment.