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Environmental education

Environmental lessons for children and adults

Bioman musical theatre performance for first-to-second graders

We will arrange a free theatre performance for first and second graders in primary schools.

Zero leftovers! About food waste

Every year, we team up with Ekokumppanit to campaign against food waste in daycare centres and schools.

Business Village for sixth graders

We are part of the Pirkanmaa Business Village, where sixth graders are acquainted with a sorting point for raw materials, among other issues.

Short films on waste for lower and upper secondary schools

Short Trash Films made by young people on environmental topics are presented annually at the Tampere Film Festival. The films are made in cooperation with the Pirkanmaa Film Centre.

Visits to Tammervoima power plant

Bring a group to find out how our mixed waste is turned into energy at the Tammervoima power plant.

Martha Organization travels to a waste station

We organise various events and stunts with the Pirkanmaa Martha Organization in our owner municipalities. Composting courses are also available. Gather a group of 10 people and contact the Pirkanmaa branch of the Martha Organization.

Midden heap and outhouse

Explore the history of waste management through videos – how was war waged against rats and where were Tampere’s old landfills located?