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Companies’ waste management

In the absence of other services, companies are welcome to enquire about waste management services from us. The quantity and quality of the waste must be suitable for our waste management system. This involves municipalities’ supplementary waste management service obligation (TSV service) as provided for in the Waste Act. 

The aim of a TSV service is to ensure efficient waste management and the availability of services when no other services are available. Lack of service provision means that a company cannot find a waste management service of a reasonable price or quality on the market. 

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The Waste Act will change from the beginning of 2020, introducing new practices.

  • If your company needs this service for a value of less than €2,000 per year (VAT 0%), you can request a TSV service directly from us. You can also request services directly in unexpected, urgent situations. 
  • If the value of the TSV service needed by your company is at least 2,000 euros per year (VAT 0%), the service need must be reported on the Materiaalitori website. If, within 14 days of making the notification, your company cannot find a waste management service that it considers reasonable in terms of price or quality, you can request the TSV service from us. You must make the request via the Materiaalitori website.
  • An agreement on the TSV service is made between the company and Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto. The agreement entitles the company to use TSV services for three years. 

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If necessary, you can ask our experts for help in assessing the value of the annual TSV service.

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