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Prices at waste centres in 2024

We accept the following, free of charge, from households

  • sorted recoverable waste (e.g. metals, glass packaging, cardboard, paper)
  • household electrical equipment
  • hazardous household waste, aside from waste oil and other liquids in batches of over 200 litres
  • brushwood and branches (trailer load)
  • compostable garden waste, such as raking waste and apples (trailer load)
  • car tyres (including rims)

A fee is charged for these types of waste

Prices incl. VAT 24%

Mixed waste

Up to 0,5 cubic metres
Up to 2 cubic metres
Up to 4 cubic metres

Unimpregnated wood and panels

Up to 2 cubic metres
Up to 4 cubic metres

Earth, brick and concrete

Trailer load (up to 2 cubic metres)

Weight-based pricing

Waste treatment charges apply to waste loads and other types of waste of more than 4 cubic metres (pdf).

How do I pay at a waste centre?

You can pay at waste centres with the app, debit and credit cards. You can also pay by invoice, without an invoicing surcharge. Please be prepared to prove your identity if you pay by invoice. You cannot pay in cash at waste stations.

The Varma Station at Tarastenjärvi accepts payment by invoice only.