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Juuresten naatteja, sieniä, marjoja.


Sort into biowaste organic, solid and compostable waste

  • leftovers
  • spoiled food
  • fish entrails, remains and peel
  • coffee grounds, filters and tea bags
  • kitchen towels and napkins
  • plants, grass, leaves

Pour watery liquids (not fats or grease) from food residues into drains.

Pack biowaste in newspaper, a paper bag, or biodegradable bag before taking it to a waste bin.

Where is biowaste collected?

In housing companies with at least five dwellings.

Housing companies or detached houses with fewer than five dwellings can voluntarily join biowaste collection. Neighbours may agree to use a common biowaste bin, for example.

Biowaste is not collected at recycling points or waste stations.

How is biowaste recycled?

Biowaste is made into biogas at Nokia’s Koukkujärvi bioplant, Biomylly. Biowaste also recycles valuable nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen.

You can also compost biowaste in a composter on your property.