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Carton packaging

Sort the following as carton packaging

  • carton boxes
  • milk and juice cartons
  • cereal and biscuit boxes
  • disposable paper plates and dishes
  • paper bags and sacks
  • paper tubes and egg boxes
  • wrapping paper
  • carton wrappers for beverages

Rinse and drain the cartons, then flatten and pack them inside each other.

Sort dirty and wet carton into mixed waste.

Sorting instructions

Where can I take it?

Carton packaging can be taken

How is carton packaging recycled?

Carton is transported to a board mill, where any plastic coatings are separated for energy recovery and aluminium coatings for material recycling. The remaining carton fibre is used in the manufacture of corrugated board, packaging carton, envelopes, lamination paper and paper tubes.