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Värikkäitä matonkudekeriä.

Clothing and textiles

Textile sorting

Damaged and otherwise unusable but clean and dry textiles can be recycled at the Nextiili facility (Tampere). Learn more about Nextiili

Damaged and non-recyclable textiles should be sorted as mixed waste.

Large quantities of clothing, textiles and mats intended for mixed waste can be taken to waste stations and waste centres.

How are textiles recycled?

Durability is the key factor in ensuring more responsible clothing: from the environmental viewpoint, the most sustainable approach is to use clothes for as long as possible. 

Intact and usable clothing and textiles should be taken to flea markets and recycling centres, collection bins, or swap events.

Preparations are underway to begin textile waste collection and recycling via the nationwide Telaketju projects, in which Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto is involved. Telaketju is a co-operation network that promotes textile recycling and develops business models for the collection, sorting, further processing and recycling of waste textiles in Finland.

Learn more about Telaketju