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Mixed waste

Mixed waste includes

  • dirty plastic packaging
  • plastic containers and objects
  • dirty paper and cardboard
  • nappies and sanitary towels
  • porcelain, ceramics
  • textiles, leather, rubber
  • incandescent and halogen lamps
  • cosmetics
  • ash, cigarette butts
  • cassettes, CDs and DVDs
  • pet waste

Where can I take it?

Mixed waste can be taken

  • to waste bins intended for mixed waste
  • to a waste station
  • to a waste centre

How is mixed waste utilised?

Mixed waste is non-recyclable waste used to generate district heat and electricity at the Tammervoima power plant.

Each bag of waste powers a 7-minute warm shower or an hour of baking in an oven. Not a single bag of mixed waste ends up in landfill.