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Tammervoima and Ekokumppanit

Tammervoima Oy and Ekokumppanit Oy

Tammervoima – energy from waste bags

Since early 2016, we have been creating energy from mixed waste at Tammervoima’s power plant in Tampere. We are joint owners of the power plant, together with Tampereen Sähkölaitos.

Ekokumppanit – for a sustainable future

Ekokumppanit Oy promotes a sustainable lifestyle and business in the Tampere region. The company was founded in 2003 by Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto, Tampereen Sähkölaitos and the City of Tampere. We own 18.8% of Ekokumppanit. Ekokumppanit provide our company with material efficiency advice and campaigns in particular.