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New large properties in automatic waste collection system area

Construction companies and housing companies

An automatic waste collection system operates in the Vuores district of Tampere (except for Mäyränmäki). An automatic waste collection system is also being built in the Ranta-Tampella district. This page includes instructions for construction companies and housing companies.

Housing companies, foundations and other real estate companies become B-series shareholders of Pirkan Putkikeräys Oy or Ranta-Tampellan Putkikeräys Oy, and pay a one-time connection fee as well as the price of the shares.

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1. Share subscriptions and connecting to the automatic waste collection system

Housing companies, foundations and other real estate companies subscribe shares in Pirkan Putkikeräys or Ranta-Tampella Putkikeräys according to the square metres conferred by the plot’s building rights. The shares are subscribed in two instalments, in addition to which a connection fee must be paid and a subscription agreement signed. The connection fee is also based on the square metres conferred by the building rights.

Jarkko Nissinen, CFO (first call), and Paula Pokkinen, Communications Officer, (deputy), are the contact persons in this regard.

2. Matters related to construction of the waste pipe system

The contact persons are Project Engineer Tero Lehti (Vuores) and Construction Manager Hannu Koisti (Ranta-Tampella).

3. Transponder keys and instructions for residents

Transponder keys are needed to open the hatches of automatic waste collection feed-in points. Keys for new properties can be collected from the Pirkan Putkikeräys/Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto office close to the move-in date. The keys can be handed over to residents along with their apartment keys. Key inquiries:

Paula Pokkinen can provide housing company-specific instructions for residents.

4. Changes to property manager and invoicing details

Notify Specialist, Invoicing Tarja Järvinen of any changes to property-manager and invoicing details.

Connection instructions for detached houses in Vuores