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New detached houses in Vuores

Detached houses nearing completion in Vuores

An automatic waste collection system operates in the Vuores district of Tampere (except for Mäyränmäki). All detached houses are connected to the system.

1. Connect to the automatic waste collection system

Contact Pirkan Putkikeräys Oy if you have not yet entered into a connection agreement and paid the connection fee. You must enter a connection agreement and pay the fee before the move-in inspection and handover of transponder keys. 

Jarkko Nissinen, CFO (first call), and Paula Pokkinen, Communications Officer, (deputy), are the contact persons on connection-related matters.

Our email addresses are in the format

See the model connection agreement for detached houses (in Finnish)

See the prices for automatic waste collection (in Finnish)

Not all collection points for the system are operational.

2. Transponder keys

Transponder keys are needed to open the hatches of automatic waste collection feed-in points. Keys for new properties (2 sets of keys) can be collected from the Pirkan Putkikeräys/Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto office close to the move-in date. An additional key, or new key to replace a lost one, costs €30 (incl. VAT 24%). Key inquiries: Piia Kuusinen, piia.kuusinen(at)

NB! The easiest way to collect keys is by announcing your arrival in advance, so that keys can be prepared. The connection agreement must have been signed and returned, and the connection fee invoice paid, by the time you collect the keys.

Not all collection points for the system are operational.

3. Change of ownership of property

The connection fee for the automatic waste collection system is a one-time fee and the electronic transponder keys are handed to the new owner. Specialist, Invoicing, Tarja Järvinen,, should be informed of any changes of ownership.

A seller or new owner must provide the following information in writing (e.g. by e-mail) on any change of ownership: 

  • property’s address
  • former owners of the property/pipe-system connection
  • new owners of the property/pipe-system connection
  • date of property transaction
  • date on which the new owners took possession of the property