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Services for businesses

We will assist your company with waste management issues

Waste management planning

  • mapping of types and quantities of waste
  • dimensions of waste bins

Waste collection, transport and treatment

  • mixed waste
  • recyclable waste
    biowaste, cardboard packaging and cardboard, glass packaging, metal, plastic packaging, paper
  • transportation, reception and treatment of hazardous waste
  • emptying of sceptic tanks and cess pools
  • reception of large objects
  • locations of landfill sites

Waste reception sites

See the contact details of waste reception sites

Supplementary obligation waste management service

In the absence of other services, companies are welcome to enquire about waste management services from us. The quantity and quality of the waste must be suitable for our waste management system. This involves municipalities’ supplementary waste management service obligation (TSV service) as provided for in the Waste Act.

More information about the TSV service

See TSV service prices for 2020 on the website of the Regional Waste Management Committee