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Transporting hazardous waste

Instructions on transporting hazardous waste

If you use our hazardous waste transport service, you do not have to worry about transport documents; we will take care of them for you. We only need information on the kind of hazardous waste being transported.

If you transport hazardous waste yourself, remember to take care of the required documentation.

1. Shipment document

Upon the delivery of hazardous waste, a written shipment document with the following information must be prepared for the recipient:

  • the name and contact details of the holder, carrier and waste recipient
  • the time of shipment, and packaging and transportation method
  • the name, business and contact details of the producer, and the place and municipality where the waste was generated
  • the name of the hazardous waste and its identification number according to the list referred to in section 75 (1) of the Waste Act, as well as the composition, state and amount of the waste
  • the main characteristics of the waste
  • the place and method of recovery or treatment of the waste
  • a declaration by the waste holder confirming the accuracy of the information provided, with a signature and date
  • the waste-holder must ensure that the shipment document accompanies the waste during the journey and is issued to the recipient of hazardous waste at the destination;

2. Consignment note

The consignor must draw up a separate consignment note for each shipment, which must be handed over to the carrier. The consignment note tells the carrier what is being transported and how to prepare for transportation.

3. Safety instruction cards

The consignor must provide the driver with safety instruction cards and check that they are correct. These will tell the driver how to act in an emergency.

4. Safety data sheets

Safety data sheets must be obtained from the product supplier in the case of all hazardous chemicals. Such sheets contain plenty of practical information on the hazardous properties of the product, and its correct storage method and proper disposal. During the handover of hazardous waste, the recipient may request a safety data sheet if only the trade name of the substance is given.