Siirry sisältöön

Esimerkiksi säilyketölkki, haarukka, metallinen kansi ja paistinpannu ovat metallia


Sort the following into metals

  • cans and non-deposit beverage cans
  • aluminium trays and foils
  • pots and frying pans
  • cutlery
  • empty paint cans
  • empty, unpressurised aerosol cans

Sorting instructions

Where can I take it?

Take large scrap metal items to a waste station, waste centre or Repe & Romu collection round.

How is metal recycled?

Metal recycling significantly reduces mining, environmental impacts and energy consumption. Metals should be sorted from mixed waste, because non-combustible material does not produce energy, but needlessly hampers the Tammervoima power plant.

Recycled metal is supplied as a raw material for the metal industry. It is used to make packaging, shovels, bicycle frames and car parts.