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Sorting and use of the automatic waste collection system

Your daily waste collected by a pipe

The system collects

Within the system, waste is transferred from collection sites to a waste collection station via an underground pipeline.

Waste guide in English

Collection points for other recyclables

There are several collection points for metal, glass packaking and cardboard in Vuores. Go to kierrä to find recycling points.

Sorting instructions in the area covered by the system

Not all waste suitable for waste bins can be fed into the automatic waste collection system. Please read the sorting and operating instructions.

Please note! Don´t put textiles, stones, soil, metal and other heavy and rigid objects in the system, because they harm it. Wrap and bind for example ropes and other banded items.

If you have any questions, please contact

Vuores waste station

With the application, you can also use the Vuores waste station during self-service hours. Use the application to open the waste station gate and pay for waste disposal subject to a charge. Start by signing up as an app user.

Residents in the automatic waste collection area can take small quantities of mixed waste (max. equivalent to 240 litres of waste) that are unsuitable for automatic waste collection to the Vuores waste station, free of charge, when the waste station attendant is present. Take your automatic waste collection tag with you. Larger quantities and other types of waste are subject to a charge based on the price list.

In the event of a system failure — call servicing

HH-Kiinteistöpalvelut is on call 24 hours a day on 010 3950 395. Call servicing in the event of a fault. Because HH-Kiinteistöpalvelut also accepts notifications in the evenings and on weekends, please do not use Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto’s feedback form for fault reports.