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Instructions on using waste bins

Find an accessible location for the waste bin and change the emptying interval to the one you prefer

Waste bin location

The waste bin must be located in a place where a waste truck can safely come within five metres of the bin. In ‘land use plan’ areas, small waste bins must be located on the driveway, no more than 5 metres from the boundary of the property.

Lighting and access to the waste bin must be in order.

Waste bin weight limit and additional waste

The weight limit of waste bins is 60kg. Sometimes there is more waste than usual and not everything fits in the waste bin. In such cases, part of the waste can be placed next to the waste bin as additional waste. You will be charged for additional waste in accordance with the applicable waste charge.

Additional waste must be marked and bagged. Each additional waste bag must be no heavier than 20kg. Additional waste must be easy to load and suitable for transportation.

Suitable emptying interval for waste bins

The emptying interval of waste bins is based on the size of household and the amount of mixed waste. Waste must fit in the container with the lid closed. The most common emptying interval for a detached house’s mixed waste bin is two weeks.

Changes in the emptying intervals of mixed waste bins

  • can be emptied once a week urban areas
  • if the amount of mixed household waste is small, the bin can be emptied every 4 weeks
  • an emptying interval of 6 weeks can also be agreed if the household already has a biowaste bin, or the biowaste is composted

To change the emptying interval for waste bins, log into the My Waste Management online service.

An emptying interval of more than 6 weeks can be requested from the regional Waste Management Committee. Go to the website of the Regional Waste Management Committee

Emptying interval for biowaste bins

In accordance with waste management regulations, biowaste bins are emptied once a week from 1 May to 30 September. An emptying interval of two weeks can be agreed for the winter period for biowaste bins: 1 October to 30 April.

To change the emptying interval for waste bins, log into the My Waste Management online service.