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Suitable bin and emptying interval

When you sign up as a waste management customer, we will bring a mixed-waste bin to your property. Bin rent is included in the emptying price. You can also agree on sharing a waste bin with your neighbours.

In general, waste bins emptied on a certain day of the week. The emptying interval is based on the size of household and amount of waste. It can vary from one to six weeks.

The price of waste management partly depends on the size of the waste container and the emptying frequency.

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Sorting services for backyards


In urban areas, you can order a biowaste bin for your own yard. We will deliver a rental bin for biowaste, the price of which is included in the bin emptying fee.

Biowaste bins are emptied every week between 1 May and 30 September. A winter-period (1 October to 30 April) emptying interval of two weeks can be agreed for biowaste bins. The emptying price includes washing the bin twice a year. 

You can also order a biowaste bin shared with your neighbours.

Glass packaging and metal

If you already use our mixed waste and biowaste collection service in your yard, we will collect glass packaging and metal free of charge. We will provide separate bins for the waste.

Waste management in sparsely populated areas

In sparsely populated areas, waste is taken to regional waste points. Regional waste points can be used by residents of both permanent and recreational residencies. An annual fee is charged for using regional waste points.