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Search for waste collection points

Find your nearest waste collection point

Use the Kierrä map service to find your nearest waste collection point. Feed in your address to search for waste collection points. You will also see what kinds of waste you can take there.

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Recycling points

Take your households recyclable waste to recycling points.

  • glass packaging
  • cardboard packaging
  • metal
  • plastic packaging
  • paper

Some of our Rinki recycling points collect plastic packaging.

Regional waste points

Regional waste points located in sparsely populated areas are only for annual fee-paying customers who do not have waste bins in their yards. Bags of household mixed-waste can be taken to regional waste points. Larger amounts of waste, large objects and renovation waste should not be taken to regional waste points, but to waste stations instead.

To find the nearest regional waste point in Kierrä, select mixed waste and enter your address in the search field.